Run The Table: Operation Intense Freedom is free on March 11 & March 12


Run The Table: Operation Intense Freedom by Paul Russell Parker III is free on March 11 & March 12.  It’s usually priced at $4.99.  Click HERE to get your copy.

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~Would you cheat if the deck was already stacked against you?~

Paralyzed by fear. Staring up at the sky through his gas mask.

John Gabriel Warden is terrified and laying in a hole. One minute its business as usual, and the next there are gas attack alarms going off. As he waits to be gassed, he hears: “All clear! Mount up! We’re invading Iraq!”

Warden is surprised that they’re invading, and the thought of a well prepared enemy waiting for them gave him chills.

In this suspenseful military thriller, Warden is a US Marine with the 1st Marine Division, and is tasked to lead a team into their first combat experience. Warden will rely on what little training he’s received, and hope that it’ll be enough to see his team through a bloody war that’ll leave him questioning everything that he previously believed.

He’s determined to protect his team until well past the end of hostilities, because he realizes that they are seen as nothing more than warm bodies to be cast aside when no longer useful.

Is there anything Warden can do to ensure their survival in a shooting war against battle hardened veterans, and regime fanatics? Warden doubts it, but he’ll give the enemy one hell of a fight.

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